Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Our facilities are headquartered in Irvine, California. However, we are an international supplier to manufacturers and distributors around the globe.

What are your hours?
Our standard office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday. However, our Exact promise is to provide responsive service as quickly as possible. Should you have an urgent need, we will respond to your request within 2 hours. In addition, our reps are prepared to travel to your location immediately should it be necessary and viable for us to do so.

What are your shipping terms?
Because we carry your established product line in-stock, we can ship same day if the order is placed by 4:00 p.m. For any new, special order, we can ship within one day of the item being received by Exact. We also offer drop shipping and scheduled deliveries by our reps depending on your service contract with us.

Do you offer on­site assistance?
Absolutely! In fact, our superior service to our customers has kept many with us for more than 30 years. Our in-house sales and engineering team have an established career with us and offer a solid understanding of your business, needs and expectations. We also offer the Exact Training Program on-site for design or procurement employees to assist in everything from cost reduction and supply management, to simplified billings, invoicing or technical guidance. The Exact Team prides itself on being able to visit your site as needed to evaluate, analyze and provide recommendations for streamlining your process and saving valuable time and money.

Do you offer field support?
Yes. In addition to being a leading partner in Kan Ban, Just-In-Time, Kitting and VMI Services, our reps can assist or restock your warehouses, field vehicles or satellite locations for service throughout the Western United States.

Will you carry my products in stock?
Exact Industries carries a full-line of top branded fasteners and related products such as abrasives, cutting tools and safety products in stock. As your industry partner, we are willing to invest in your success by stocking “bonded” inventory specifically for your needs. If your specialized item is not in our stock, we are committed to obtaining and stocking it for you. We also offer custom manufacturing of your product from prints.

Can you provide special coatings and platings?
Yes, let us take this off your hands! We can supply any additional processes to your hardware such as special coatings, plating and patching (Silver, Zinc, Nickel, Ni-PTFE, Teflon, Xylan, Geomet, Dacromet, etc.). We can also help you with exotics such as Peek, A286 Super Alloy, Titanium, Monel, etc., as well as many other difficult to find material.

Can you assist with metric conversion?
Our team has the in-depth training and expertise to relieve your staff of both the “soft” and “hard” conversion processes. The highly trained Exact staff is fluent in inch, metric, electronic and military fasteners. So, whether you are looking for off-the-shelf, hard-to-find or made-to-print items, we have the technical background and supply chain insight to guide your processes and product choices.

What type of expertise does your support team offer?
Exact Industries has an established stronghold within the industry and with our customers. We are Certified Fastener Specialists™ accredited by the Fastener Training Institute® with more than 100 years combined experience. This allows us to have a more engaged partnership with our customers, offering the most inherent technical support, supply chain insight and service available. This expertise solidifies our long-term relationships, providing invaluable support and resulting in reliable forecasting, stabilized purchase orders, reduced costs and elimination of costly errors.

What type of forecasting do you do for monitoring supply?
We offer customized restocking and product supply based on YOUR specific needs. In addition to customer-specific Kan Ban, Just-In-Time, Kitting and VMI services, we can develop a service program to meet the most critical demands. We can provide everything from weekly on-site restocking to scheduled delivery based on consumption. Regardless of the service type, the Exact Team will be directly in tune with your needs and provide constant analysis to ensure you have only what you need, when you need it.

Do you do custom packaging?
Yes. The Exact Kitting Service Program provides custom packaging. It is done in-house and offers the benefits of having a single source for multiple products and instant order replenishment. In addition, you can reduce inventory costs by leveraging our distribution warehouse until you need the product in-hand.

How can I stay on top of the latest new products, obsolete inventory, tips to reduce costs and increase production efficiency?
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Do you accept returns? Absolutely. In the rare instance you should need to return product, Exact Industries accepts returns with ease. Simply contact your Exact Representative or email us at to receive an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number. Your representative will then issue a confirmation number and detailed instructions on how to complete the process.